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CV Tips

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CV Tips

Translated literally, the words Curriculum Vitae mean “Story of Your Life”. Your CV is your ticket to open doors throughout your career and should be carefully, accurately and honestly written. Your CV is essentially a SUMMARY of your education, experience, skills, achievements and any other relevant information aimed at Standing you Out from the Crowd and getting invited for that job interview.

Your CV is your life on paper and the importance of this document cannot be overstated

- Tempt potential employers with a taster of your skills and experience
- Highlight your achievements and encourage potential employers to ask you about them
- Document your experience and achievements so you can remember what you did several years ago
- Highlight to the employer how you can add value to their organisation

Potential employers will have to sift through 10’s or possibly 100’s of other CV’s, so yours must Stand Out in the Crowd. It should be tailored to the specific job you are applying for, be impactive and create interest.

Don’t rush your CV.. plan it, check it and re-check it... it’s your one chance to get a face to face interview !
- Create an air of professionalism and quality; your CV creates your first impression
- DO NOT hand write it, DO use good quality white paper to print it
- AVOID using binders, covers or title pages, which only clutter the CV
- ENSURE your CV contains all the relevant information (contact details etc) and works independently of a cover letter in case they become separated- Be concise (2-3 pages)
- Tailor your CV to each position you apply for, read through the job description and identify the key experience, qualifications and skills they are looking for; now list these as the top bullet points
- Ensure the CV layout is consistent and easy to read
- Identify what the employer is looking for in a candidate and make it easy for them to pick out those skills
- Use a common font such as Times New Roman or Arial, size between 10-14 points and the font colour should be black.
- Never incorporate graphics, shading or columns and always send an original CV, as opposed to a photocopy

A typical CV structure will look like this:
Personal Details
- Name
- Address
- Telephone Number

Personal Profile
Education & Qualifications
Key Skills

- Employer
- Position
- Dates

- Duties



- Education qualifications and work experience should be presented in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent qualification and job and working backwards in time.

- Give the starting and finishing dates to include date, month and year.

- Check grammar and spelling. Spelling mistakes and poorly constructed sentences communicate negative impressions about you and create a poor first impression.

- Sending a few carefully tailored CVs, rather than hundreds of general ones, will produce far greater success.

- Maintain a log of the dates you send CVs to employers and follow up by telephone or letter if you don’t get a reply within 10-14 days. This is likely to have the effect of emphasising your continued interest and shows a business-like approach.

- Keep your CV up-to-date. Each new skill or experience makes you more valuable to future employers.

Cover Letters / E-mails

A cover letter or e-mail is an important document that accompanies your CV whether you post or e-mail your CV. Its purpose is to introduce your CV and express your personality and enthusiasm for the position.

How to write a good Cover Letter

- Make sure that you type each letter using the same font and high quality paper as your CV.
- Be brief and concise. The cover letter should not exceed more than one page in length.
- Expand on your CV, rather than repeat the CV content.
- Individualise and target each cover letter to the position you seek. Recruiters can spot a mass produced or general letter and will consider it unprofessional.
- Address your letter to a specific person e.g. Recruiter / Human Resource Manager.
- Remember to sign and date your cover letter.


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